Chris is a member of our Leadership Team.

Date, Place of Birth: August 14, 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia

Places (states) lived in: Georgia

Education: UGA – Civil Engineering (Finished 3 years = no degree) 🙁

Salvation Experience:  I was 12 years old and remember attending youth activities with a buddy of mine in the neighborhood.  It was Hebron Baptist Church, and I recall one night I felt Jesus calling me to Him as my Saviour.  As I grew up, I walked a different path even though deep down I knew Jesus was there.  I just did not respond.  After my wife and I got married, we were at her home church and Rick Gage was speaking.  I remember him speaking, and I felt like he was talking to me directly.  Julie and I both recommitted our lives to Christ and eventually, we were baptized.

Work/Ministry experiences: CEO/Owner – Apalachee Medical Supply.

Favorite Things about Life Church:  The fellowship, loving attitude, and Biblical teaching.

Family Members: My wife Julie, daughter Lucy and son Bowen.

Hobbies: music and golf.

Secret Ambition: To be on the PGA Tour