The College Bible Study meets on Sundays at 6PM at Zak and Carly Hill’s house! They are currently going through the Book of Ephesians.

Learn more about them below, and text Carly (404-375-5050) or Zak (662-587-9776) for directions to their home.

For updates like the College Ministry on Facebook @lifechurchathcollege.

Date/Place of Birth
Zak: I was born in Ripley, Mississippi on November 12th.

Carly: I was born in Woodstock, Georgia on March 13th.

Places (states) lived in
Zak: I grew up in Mississippi and moved to North Carolina to serve at a youth camp. I met Carly there, and when we got married we moved to Georgia.

Carly: I was born and raised in Woodstock, Georgia, and moved to North Carolina to also serve at a youth camp.

Zak: I attended Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain Mississippi for three semesters as a Biblical Studies major. I am now a certified firefighter and Advanced EMT.

Carly: I am currently getting my marketing degree from UGA. I have transferred to three schools and changed my major five times, so hopefully this is my last stop til graduation!

Zak: I was saved at the age of 17 at a youth camp. I heard the Gospel clearly and truthfully spoken and immediately saw my sin before me. I knew that I needed a Savior and reconciliation to the Father.

Carly: I also came to know the Lord at Snowbird. I heard the Gospel clearly spoken and had a lot of questions. I sat down with a counselor and just asked questions for two hours. The Holy Spirit really opened my eyes to who the Lord is and how loving, merciful, just, and holy He is. I repented to the Father and began studying His Word and following Him.

Work/Ministry Experiences
Zak: I served at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters for four summers, and a year and a half as a full time intern. I was involved in discipling students and leading small groups when students came to camp.

Carly: I served at Snowbird for three summers and one year as a full time intern. I led a small group of college girls when I was a student at Georgia College and State University, and interned for a youth group for a semester.

Favorite thing About Life Church
Zak: My favorite thing about Life Church is how friendly everyone is. The first time Carly and I visited I think almost everyone introduced himself or herself to us. We felt so welcomed!
Carly: I love that the Bible is taught with clarity, and is deeply loved by the people of Life Church.


Zak: I like to play basketball and football. Carly and I are big Golden State fans, so we really enjoy watching them play.
Carly: I love anything creative! Lately I have been sculpting with clay and painting with water colors.

Secret Ambition

Zak: My dream all through my childhood was to be an NFL player.
Carly: I would LOVE to live on a self- sustaining farm. It would be so cool to be able to raise and grow the food that goes into my body.