KIDZLIFE (Infant-5th Grade)

KidzLife is our small group environment for all children, birth through the 6th grade. The focus of KidzLife is to do just like Jesus taught in Scripture – welcome and love His children!

KidzLife Mission Statement:
In KidzLife we have been called to teach, guide, and disciple generations of children. We will face this challenge to displaying humility and showing them love as we welcome each child into our care just as we welcome Jesus into our lives. We will guide them to a life with Christ as we strive to protect them from sin. All children are unique and beautifully created by God. We will embrace each child regardless of their age, behavior, ability, race, gender, or national origin, and seek to present the gospel in love to each child based on their learning needs. We have been called to this service by God and seek to bring glory to His name through this ministry with which He has entrusted us. Above all, we will Love God, Love Families, and Raise Disciples.
Psalm 78:1-8. Matthew, 18:1-6, Matthew 18:10-14, 1 Thessalonians2:3-8

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